June 21st SDM Deals

Hey Everyone!

So I wanted to go back to Shoppers after the 20x the points event to stock up on some more pads! at $.99 you can’t go wrong! I just didn’t have enough coupons printed at the time to get more. Grabbed a few other things as well.


x6 Stayfree Pads – $2.99 ea. – $2 Printable x6 = $5.94


x4 Greenworks Wipes – $1.99 ea. – 1$ Tearpad x4 = $3.96


x4 Greenworks Dish Soap – $1.99 ea. – 1$ Tearpad x4 = $3.96


Total Retail Value: $38.26

Total OOP: $15.66

Saved: $22.60


Receipt says I saved $32.20 (items at regular price, not sales)


Regular Points Earned: 330

Product Bonus Points: 4950

Total Points Earned: 5280!




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