Nov.14th Fresh.Co Deals


Hey Everyone!


I headed out to Fresh.Co on this Particular day to stock up on some great deals! Kind of fitting that the Evaporated Milk looks like a Christmas tree, as that’s why I was stocking up on it. Can’t wait for all my Christmas Baking! Yum! Take a look at what I picked up! =)


x15 Carnation Evaporated Milk – $1.25ea. – $1 Coupon x15 (Booklet) = $3.75 or $.25 ea.

Reg. $3.29 ea.


x4 Yoplaix Tubes – $1.97 – $.50 Coupon x4 (websaver) = $5.88 or $1.47ea.

Reg.$ 2.99 ea.


x2 Butter = $2.97ea. = $5.94

Reg. $4.49 ea. (approximately)



Estimated Retail Cost: $79.43

Total OOP: $15.57

Saved: $63.86!




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