Online Money Makers
Here are sites that I use daily to make some extra money online. These sites are completely legitimate. I personally use them myself and know that they work! If you have any questions, just let me know by sending me a message at

      SWAGBUCKS is a site that you can earn points on by completing surveys, taking part in daily polls, watching ads/tv, shopping online and searching the web! (this is where i earn the most points, by just using it as my search engine!) With the points you earn you can redeem them for paypal money, amazon (my favourite!) and other gift cards as well as a number of different products, items/prizes! If you reach the daily Goals set differently for each day you can earn up to an extra 300SB plus the daily bonus points for reaching the daily goals! SwagCodes are also put out randomly, located in different places such the blog, twitter or even on their facebook wall! These codes are put out daily so your points will add up even quicker! This site earns me the most money at the moment. Cashing out at least 25$ in Gift cards (sometimes more!) a month. Just depends on how much time I devote to it! This is by far my personal favorite site to earn me FREE extra money online!

Here is the link to get you started!

Sign Up with Swagbucks


      LEGERWEB is strictly just a survey site. From my personal experience you can get paid $1.00 , $1.50, $2.00,  $2.50 or $4.00 per completed survey and when you get up to a minimum of 20$ you can cash out and have them mail you a check! Super simple and easy!

  Here is the link to get you started!

Sign up with Legerweb

       ClixSense is a great site that I Absolutely Love! It is exactly like Swagbucks with the Surveys, Tasks and shopping online to earn you actual money! You can then have that money transferred into your bank account or credit card or just leave it there to make online purchases. You can also earn money by simply viewing some ads for as long as 30 seconds or as little as 3 seconds! How awesome is that?!?! There is also a game on the site you can play for money aswell called Clixgrid. I have to say that I make more money on this site than Swagbucks or GiftHulk for doing the exact same offers! It’s awesome! If you are a Standard member you can cash out at  $8.00 or a Premium member like me you can cash out at only $6.00! It take no time to get there and they do pay outs now twice a week on Monday and Friday! So what are you waiting for?!

Here is the Link to get you Started!

Sign up with Clixsense


       GiftHulk is site that just like Swagbucks you can take survey`s , daily polls and watch videos to earn points. There is also a Treasure box which you can click multiple times daily to earn extra points! There are also Fountain of Youth Codes put out randomly to earn you even more points and get you closer to cashing out sooner!

   Here is the Link to get you Started!

 Sign up with GiftHulk

     EBates is a site that earns you Cash Back on your online purchases! Dependingon what site you are ordering from, and what your order total comes to will depend on how much your Cash Back total will be. A certain percentage is set up by Ebates for each site individually, and sometimes there are even bonus days where sites percentage of Cash Back is higher than normal for that day or longer whichever the site chooses it to be. EBates keeps track of all your purchases and your earnings from each one and every quarter of the year you will receive a cheque in the mail with your earnings for that quarter! How awesome is that?! you don’t have to do anything but shop and Ebates does the rest! Just remember to start there first when online shopping! 

     Here’s the link to get you Started!

Sign up with EBates


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